Woman Pulled Over While in Labor - Her Husband is Arrested


A man and his pregnant wife were racing to the hospital when police pulled him over for speeding. When the cops flashed their lights, the man dialed 911 to inform the dispatchers that his wife was in labor and that they wouldn't be able to stop. The dispatcher told him the best option was to pull over and explain the situation. Once stopped, the police approached the car screaming for him to get on the ground.

As his wife pleaded with the police, he was put in handcuffs. The police joked about how he would be in jail overnight while his wife was having their child. Two officers even joked about destroying the dash cam footage. "I'll get rid of the video," one Officer said to another. The other officer replied, "Oh, I don't care about that."

After approximately twenty minutes, an ambulance arrived and took the mother to the hospital while her husband went to jail. Doctors told her that if she had given birth on the side of the road, the baby would have died. The umbilical cord had wrapped around the baby's neck.