A policeman yells at a man driving a swamp buggy to help with hurricane victims

A group of people from Illinois reportedly brought swamp buggies down to the southeast Texas area to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey's destruction.

The swamp buggy is large and probably not safe to drive down the road in ideal weather conditions, but the people thought they would help after the flooding in Texas.

As one of the Illinois men was driving the swamp buggy down the road, he was stopped and ordered to get out of the vehicle by a policeman. The cop wasn't pleased for some reason, and he can be heard saying "We have had enough" to the man.


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The policeman said his own house was flooded, but it's unclear why he wants to the operator of the swamp buggy to stop driving it throughout town.

Perhaps there is more to the story from the policeman's side, but it's peculiar to see him so angry about the man helping victims on his own dime.

(h/t Speed Society)