Two Florida men reached 130 on the highway before their race was ended forcefully

Two men were arrested in Naples, Florida after they were observed racing each other on I-75.

One man was on a motorcycle while the other was driving a Honda Civic. Not exactly what two vehicles you'd imagine lining up to street race, but they made due with what they had.

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Eduardo Garcia, 24, and Neil Guevera Freites are facing charges of unlawful racing after a deputy from the Collier County Sheriff's Office caught them reaching speeds of nearly 130 mph. Getting a Honda Civic up to 130 mph and keeping up with two motorcycles is pretty impressive, though we would advise against trying it yourself.

A suspect on another motorcycle fled the area, and the deputy was unable to bring them in with the other two suspects.

It's unclear if the police have any leads on the other suspect.

Both Garcia and Freites were released on bond after being arrested. Unlawful racing is a misdemeanor in Florida.

(h/t FOX 4 Now)