Suspects manage to give cops the slip despite their battered car

Police in Chemsley Wood, U.K., were duped momentarily by a group of four pizza bandits in a stolen Audi RS6 recently, although they weren't able to escape the somber, furrowed brow of English justice.

The burglars were fleeing the scene of a pizza restaurant they robbed, when they were pursued by a trio of police cars. In a desperate bid to escape the police, the Audi resorted to ramming police and resisting sideswipes.

Eventually the car got away, but the suspects were apprehended later after they attempted to ditch the car in Clent Way. Two burglars were found in a nearby hedge and the other two were caught hiding out around a few nearby apartments.

The four collected sentences totaling around 30 years, so, yeah, do the crime, do the time.

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