Old Man Shatters Window, Becomes Clint Eastwood In Gran Torino


The driver in this video seems like an innocent victim... until the smallest amount of research reveals that he's a scam artist who threatened violence on the old man, his neighbor, and their young children. Long story short, the driver's landscaping business skipped the whole 'call before you dig,' hit a gas line, and completely botched the job. The fallout caused damage to the properties owned by the old man's family and the neighbors who hired this idiot. The driver's company agrees to pay for the damages and make repairs. Sometime later the driver and his cronies come looking for payment, which they are not owed. After destroying the neighbor's yard and threatening the old man's family they start lingering outside the residence. Then the video starts. Just do a quick google search for Tyler Stojan and you'll have all the information you need.