Luckiest street racer alive gets trolled by a sheriff in an F-250


These guys were on their way to a car meet when their friend in a MKIV Supra decided to race a sport bike down the freeway. Luckily this is not one of those stories that ends in people getting hurt and innocent cars getting destroyed. Even more lucky for the driver of the Supra, the sheriff that appeared out of nowhere let him go after scaring him half to death. Whether the cop didn't actually see the racers in the act or he had more important business elsewhere, these racers are lucky to not be in jail right now. Either way, seeing a giant F-250 fly up behind you before lighting you up is sure to have a lasting impact.

UPDATE: Cleetus McFarland received a follow up text from a viewer who was friends with the cop. The Supra driver was about to be arrested and go straight to jail without passing Go, until the officer got a call from another officer requesting backup. There is no way that happens twice, so the racers better thing long and hard about their choices in the future.

To their credit, they seem to have learned their lesson about street racing after this cop put the fear of god into them before flying off into the night.

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