It's hard to deny this Nissan Skyline's three-block-long burnout since it was streamed live to Facebook


This video is just so satisfying to watch. Sure, that is a pretty impressive burnout, but it is being done through traffic with pedestrians lining the streets, which is not a great idea. Since when is owning a right hand drive R32 Nissan Skyline not enough?

This driver apparently needed even MORE attention, so he did a three-block-long burnout while his passenger streamed it all to Facebook Live in order to make sure every single eye was on him. Success! Not only did he get all the attention from the crowd and the internet, that cop was such a huge fan he stopped him to get his autograph! Can you really put a price on that kind of attention? Apparently, the cop sure thought so to the tune of a $1,000 ticket.

Worth it?


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