Instant justice awaits this line cutter


One of the most annoying things we encounter on the road are people that are too important to wait in line and try to cut in last minute to avoid the mildly inconvenience of waiting. This guy is cruising along and maybe didn't notice that this line was forming for his exit at first, so as he passes the tail end of the line he slows down and prepares to merge. No problem so far, as there are a few gaps he can slide in with a quick wave to apologize for missing the end of the line. But this is where it gets annoying, he decides to ignore the line and cruise past everyone until he can merge last minute. You can see the whole video on

What he didn't count on is the cop taking the exit. She sees that his super late merge, not illegal itself, led him to cross over the solid white painted line. That is very much against the law and the cop isn't going to let a minor infraction slide, probably because sitting in that long line herself left her in a very unforgiving mood. Hiding behind that Subaru couldn't save him.

So remember, try to be considerate of other drivers, and if you do have to make a late merge, watch out for those solid white lines because they are technically a median.


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