Authorities can't get cooperation in solving a triple murder at a drag race, so they're taking drastic steps



Authorities in Wisconsin have been frustrated by the lack of cooperation in a case in which three gang members were shot dead at a drag racing event. Now, they're taken additional steps to try to get answers.

The FBI is now involved, and is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information in the case, according to the Journal Times.



The three men who were shot dead are suspected gang members with a criminal past, and the killer calmly and coldly pumped additional bullets into his victims to make sure they were dead.

The account comes from Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, and was reported in the Daily Herald.

Police identified the victims as David Watson, 30, from Oswego, Ill., Khalid Howard, 30, from Aurora, Ill., and Derek Edwards, 26, from North Aurora, Ill. All  three had felony and misdemeanor convictions.


At the night of  "Larry's Fun Fest," a lone gunman approached the three men, and shot two of them. When the third man ran, the gunman tracked him down and shot him, too. He then returned to the two previous victims and shot them again.

"...He came back up and fired a few more shots into the two that were laying there," Beth told the Daily Herald. "He had enough time and enough arrogance to go back and make sure that they were dead."

One of the dead men was the son of a high ranking gang member.

"The reason I believe gangs were involved is because the three all belonged to a gang," Beth said. "And they all seemed to be quite well-known by gang officers in the areas that they come from."


The suspect, described as a 5-foot-9 inch black male between 20 and 30 year old, fled the scene, and authorities are asking for help in tracking him down.

Authorities have said that, so far, they have received no cooperation from potential witnesses.