California woman confronts a dealership employee speeding off in her car

When Mari Agredano-Quirino dropped her limited edition Chevy Camaro off for an oil change at a dealership in Montebello, California, she wasn't expecting someone else to be driving her car shortly thereafter.

Agredano-Quirino and her husband spotted her car flying down the road while they were at lunch, and they soon discovered an employee took the car on a joyride for a fast-food run. She posted a video to Facebook where she confronted the employee.

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The general manager of the dealership refunded her for the oil change and additional repairs, but Agredano-Quirino was still angry enough to post the video to Facebook.

The woman said she believes this practice happens frequently, and she said it wasn't the first time it happened to her.

Agredano-Quirino has every right to be upset about the situation, and that particular dealership will probably never see her again.

(h/t FOX News)