A man's 1969 Impala was allegedly stolen by a potential Craigslist buyer

Selling a car--or anything, for that matter--on Craigslist can lead to a dangerous situation, and a man selling his 1969 Impala recently learned that the hard way.

A man from Livonia, Michigan was selling his green, black vinyl top Impala when he was contacted by a potential buyer. According to the Detroit Free Press, the potential buyer contacted the seller and visited his house to look at the car.

"The man showed up to the victim's home Aug. 11 to look at the vehicle, and asked if he could test drive it for a day or two. He then took the vehicle, saying he would take it to a shop to have it looked at and would return the vehicle.

"The suspect did not return with the vehicle, and the victim had not been able to get a hold of the suspect. He tried a phone number and went looking for the man's card, but could not locate it."

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So the suspect never returned with the car, and the man selling the car is still looking for the vehicle. The suspect is reportedly in his mid-30s with short brown hair and medium build.

If you happen to be in the Detroit area or around Livonia and see the car, contact the City of Livonia at 734-466-2470.

Hopefully the man can get his car back, and hopefully he doesn't let anyone else take it for a test drive without being with them.

(h/t Jalopnik)