Police officer crashes into a smart car at 104 mph


A police officer is going to trial on Aug. 28 after crashing into a smart car at 104 mph in 2016.

Palm Beach County deputy sheriff Brandon Hegele was arrested after he crashed into a smart car and injured 60-year-old Harry Deshommes. Deshommes sustained several injuries according to CBS12 in Florida.

Deshommes had a brain injury, fractured skull, and he broke his arm, back, ribs and pelvis. He also had to have his spleen removed.



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Hegele was in pursuit of of a vehicle in connection with a felony, but he was told three times not to pursue the suspect.

He has been on unpaid leave since the crash, and he was charged with reckless driving, and he changed lanes several times and only turned his emergency lights to go through intersections.

The Smart car rolled over several times before finally stopping. Hegele is going to trial in a couple of weeks for the incident.


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