Carjacker's incompetence leads to quick capture

If someone is looking to get into the carjacking trade, you would think they would at least want to have basic driving skills on their resume. These idiots did not. After successfully stealing two cars, a carjacking team made up of 18 year old Damari Wayne and an underage accomplice set their sights on a Ford Mustang, according to Jalopnik. reports that the two couldn't get away with their third because, after forcing the owner out of the car at gunpoint, they realized they couldn't drive stick.

Yes, the world's best anti theft device is a manual transmission once again as the two were utterly confused on how to drive off in their score. Police reports even say the car owner was trying to coach them on how to drive the most ancient automotive technology and they still couldn't figure it out. They finally gave up and were caught when police tracked the phone they stole from the Mustang as a consolation prize. You can't make this stuff up.

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