Canadian police ticketed a driver for the most mundane action

It is one of the most annoying things you could encounter on the road: A slow-moving mini traffic jam created by everyone bunching up, afraid to pass a slow moving police car going under the speed limit.

Well, maybe those people's fears were justified. If they are in Canada, at least. According to CTV News, one Canadian motorist encountered one such slow moving cop and had the audacity to legally pass him.

"I had the right of way, the dotted line, and there was nobody in front of me, so I decided it was alright, in my right, to pass the peace officer," Mathieu Gagne said of passing the officer traveling below the posted limit.

The officer did not agree. He pulled Mathieu over. "The next thing he said was, it was disrespectful. I was disrespecting him," Gagne said.

The traffic stop ended with a $78 ticket for going 101 in a 100 (Km/h, because Canada).

Luckily, there is a happy ending to the ordeal. After gaining support on social media, Gagne was contacted by a county representative:

"Upon further review, they did only estimate the driver's speed and they did not record or measure it on a radar and laser as they indicated on the ticket," Sturgeon County spokesperson Gwen Wolansky said.

So, he may not have to deal with paying a fine or any points on his license, but you can bet he will thing twice about passing a slow moving cop ever again. We can't blame you, Mr. Gagne. Enjoy your own personal traffic jam.

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