A man died working on his car and the manufacturer has already taken responsibility


The most dangerous piece of safety equipment on the road has now claimed that title for your driveway as well. Takata and Honda have teamed up for a very special partnership that brings danger right to your garage door. All you need is a hammer and some bad luck.

Honda announced this month that the infamous Takata airbag has claimed yet another victim. The man died in June 2016 when his airbag exploded, hitting him with shrapnel. The kicker is that the airbag exploded while the car was sitting absolutely still.

The man was working on the interior of his 2001 Accord when, somehow, his hammer cause the airbag to deploy and explode.


However, Honda isn't totally admitting fault:

"It is difficult to determine whether the cause of death in this incident was the inflator rupture, or an interaction of the hammer with the deploying air bag.

While the absolute cause of death may never be fully determined, Honda now considers this to be the 11th confirmed fatality in its vehicles related to Takata airbag inflator ruptures in the U.S."

This death adds to the list of people who've fallen victim to the faulty Takata airbag. The number is currently at 17.