Your living room needs this slot car track


Slot Mods in Detroit has developed the perfect toy to satiate your inner child, make your significant other cringe and your parents wonder exactly where they went wrong when they raised a giant adult child.

There's no denying that the folks at Slot Mods are true craftsmen. Their hand painted and built replicas of famous tracks around the world are good enough to earn a spot in any Americana museum, and the interactive element to the miniatures means adults can finally revel in the joy they were denied on so many consecutive Christmases. No one is bitter, though.

The new Super Sport Raceway is no exception, and, in many ways, the new tabletop track is more conservative than its brethren. In a field of models that often measure over 20-feet, the Super Sport Raceway comes in at a reasonable 8 feet by 4 feet, making it the perfect substitute for tasteful record stand or ever-withering ficus.


So if you have around $2,500 burning a hole in your pocket, you say yes to your inner child and buy the thing. It's sure to just appreciate with age, meaning you can at least argue that it is an investment.

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