You need to move fast if you want a practically-new Viper powered Dodge Ram

Let's just take a moment to thank those very special human beings out there that are able to show a level of restraint most wouldn't even understand. The restraint isn't for not taking that second piece of pie or to stopping at episode 5 of a new TV show season, but for somehow buying an insanely cool car and not driving it, ever.

Without these special heroes, we would not have cars or trucks like this one. This is a 454 mile 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup truck. No, that mileage is not a typo.  It's listed here on bring a trailer and is being sold at auction.

If you're not familiar, this was one of Dodge's craziest vehicles ever produced. This Ram came with the V10 engine from the Viper and a six speed manual transmission. The 8.3 liter V10 is good for 500 horsepower and 525 ft lbs of torque with a 5 second sprint to 60 mph. To try and slow this beast down, Dodge hooked the Viper truck up with massive 15 inch brake rotors, four piston calipers and 22x10 inch wheels. A special hood, spoiler and interior really come together to make this truck look menacing.

This Ram has had a couple modifications. The one and only owner installed shorty headers, a cat-back exhaust and a bed cover. Looking through the pictures on Bring a Trailer confirms that this truck is literally show room mint. If you had always wanted a truck like this but didn't pull the trigger 12 years ago, this is your chance. Back in the day, the MSRP was around $50k, with one day left it is around half that. It's tough to say how much this should go for as you never really see them with this low of miles, but a quick search online shows that the mid $20k range trucks have about 50,000 miles. If there are some real SRT-10 Ram fans out there this could easily go for original MSRP.

And if the seller has any more barely driven gems hidden away, we wouldn't be opposed to him putting those up for sale either.

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