You can buy a real life flying car for $400,000


The last couple years have been kind of a let down if you grew up watching Back to the Future Part II. Sure the Cubs won the World Series, but our hoverboards kept exploding and flying cars are nowhere in sight! That's not entirely true though. Meet the Pal-V Liberty Sport, the one and only commercially available flying car that you can buy assuming you've got $400,000. if you want special features like power heating you'll need to shell out another $200k for the Pioneer Edition. Sadly it's not the hover cars seen in the movies, but it is a street legal tri-car/mini-copter hybrid! That mean's you'll need two licenses, one for driving and one for flying. The Pal-V Liberty Sport has a top road speed of 100 mph and can do 0-60 in 9 seconds. While in the air the Pal-V can reach speeds up to 112 mph. At the moment Pal-V has a corner on the market, but Airbus is hot on their heels with a special prototype that's expected to debut later this year.