Are these women-only parking spots genius or patronizing?


Here we are again. Thanks to two service stations in China, the animosity between men and women drivers is back at the forefront.

The service stations have created women-only parking spaces and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the spots, according to The Drive.

Defenders of the women-only spots point out the safety benefits of their convenient and well lit locations, while critics notice one little detail that is sure to strike a nerve for women everywhere: the spots are 50% wider than standard spots.

The wider spots, of course, play into the stereotype that women drivers have difficulty parking and driving in general, so could benefit from a little extra room to maneuver.


The spots are denoted with pink markings that have images of high heels on them, but it's the patronizing implication of the spots that is rubbing people the wrong way. There would likely be no problem with the spots if they were just standard spots in safer locations, but here we are.

Not everyone is against the spots, as 63.7 percent of 1,700 respondents said it was a good idea to designate female-only parking spaces, according to Chinese state media outlet,

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