Why can't drivers get their heads around a roundabout?



Roundabouts are our friends. They ease traffic congestion, they lower the chances of serious accidents, and they turn into impromptu chicanes when there's no one else around. They should be put in as many places as possible. And they will, as long as people just figure out the rules and stop complaining about them.

Look, it's really simple. If you are approaching the circle, you must yield to other traffic. That means the cars in the roundabout have the right of way. Stop if you must, but if the circle is clear, go for it! Once you are in the circle, you are now the most important car on the road. You have automatic right-of-way over everyone waiting to enter. Keep moving and everyone is happy.

Any time someone doesn't follow these simple rules, they negate the traffic relieving properties of the roundabout. Watch these people screw up the whole dynamic as they struggle to remember what the phrases "Yield," "Keep moving" and "Right turn only" mean.


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