Wannabe Youtube star gets arrested for for idiotic "Prank"


Let's all agree to not donate to YouTuber RossCreation's legal fund. He's an idiot, who does idiotic things, and no one should be surprised that he was arrested and charged with a felony after one his recent "pranks."

You see, Ross thought it'd be funny to remove a stop sign from a neighborhood road, which he presumably thought would result in hilarity. It's impossible to tell, because the video seems to have been pulled.

In the video, Ross dresses as a road worker and removes the sign, then he and his friends laugh as cars speed through the intersection without stopping. HILARIOUS! SO FUNNY!

His actions showed a reckless level of disregard for the safety of everyone around him. What if a kid was playing in the road, or someone was riding their bike through the intersection when someone sped through? What if anyone had been hurt or killed for the sake of a few laughs by some major imbeciles?


Fortunately, it doesn't seem that anyone was hurt, but Ross was arrested and has been charged with third-degree felony grand theft. He apparently thinks that's not fair, so he's asking his viewers to donate to his legal defense fund. So, as an alternative, here's a suggestion, if you're thinking of donating, why not give your money to the charity of your choice? That way, you're helping people who actually need it, not some wannabe YouTube celebrity.

H/T Gizmodo

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