Vandals torched a disabled child's favorite Mustang


In case you were feeling particularly warm about humanity, just stop. The world has a load of garbage people crawling around its surface, and one of them just torched a disabled 7-year-old's cherished car.

Nino Welcome is a young car enthusiast with a rare condition called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. The disorder affects only one in around 380,000 live births and closely resembles gout. Tragically, sufferers of Nyhan syndrome also struggle with self-mutilation, as severe lip and finger biting is commonly associated with the condition.

Now imagine little Nino, and the monster you'd have to be to torch his car.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Nino was gifted a restored 1970 Ford Mustang Mach I by his grandfather back in May for his birthday. The car was a part of a larger gift that included painting his wheelchair, dubbed the Mach II, in a matching paint scheme.


The family was prepping for an upcoming garage sale and moved the car out into the driveway for a night to utilize as much space in the garage as possible. But it only took one night for someone to destroy a little kid's favorite thing.

Someone saw the car sitting outside and decided to throw a few Zip fireworks in the backseat as a joke. The fireworks lit the seat on fire, and soon the whole car was burning.

Police are investigating the arson and will hopefully catch the people that torched the car soon. In the meantime, Nino's family has promised to restore as much of the car, which Nino calls, "The Pumpkin," as possible.

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