This is the car the police get when your nation is known for road racing


The "man" on the Isle of Man has a new toy, and it's pretty awesome. The small island is known for racing, and as such, it needs a police department equipped with fast cars for fast perps. To scratch that itch, police on the Isle of Man got their hands on a Briggs Automotive Company Mono track car. The Mono is essentially a street-legal Formula One car.

Neil Briggs, co-founder and director of product development for Briggs Automotive Company, was happy to give the department on the small island a little extra umpf, saying,

"We have a very special affinity with the Isle of Man and we're absolutely delighted to bring this extra-special Mono to a remarkable police force."

You're unlikely to see the Mono bearing down on your rear-view mirror though. The car will mostly be used for events promoting safe driving habits. But you just know that the officer behind the wheel is begging for some speeder to overtake him on the road.

H/T: Jake Lingeman


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