This guy tries to daily drive a Toyota GT86 in snowy Utah


People who live in places that are regularly covered in snow know that a good front or all wheel drive winter beater with snow tires is usually the best way to go. Todd from Everyday Driver doesn't care. He daily drives his long term test rear wheel drive Toyota GT-86 even when Utah is covered in feet of snow. After barely escaping his un-shoveled driveway, he kicks off the day with some slow motion sno-nuts in a parking lot before heading out.

He explains a few techniques to use and disadvantages of driving a small RWD car in the snow, but the added difficulty only makes it look like more fun. We suggest everyone try a rear wheel drive car in the snow at least once in their lives, but when you do, make sure you have the proper tires and maybe watch this video again to freshen up on things to watch for.

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