The Hummer is back, but you’ll need a plane ticket to buy one @espoffnews /Twitter:

“If they?ve got everything else, why shouldn?t they have one of these?”

That’s the reasoning John Costin, president of Humvee Export, gave Car and Driver for bringing back the knock-off version of the H1 for the Chinese market. Although, the Humvee C-Series is a pretty legit “generic.”

Bob Lutz, an auto-industry visionary, spearheaded the revival of the least practical vehicle created in the last 30 years, inspiring people who hate occupying one lane the world over. The new C-Series’s 6.5 liter V-8 comes in several models, ranging from 190hp to 250hp, but you’re pretty much going to peak at 5 mpg no matter what, not that buyers were too worried about that.

U.S.-based H1 enthusiasts are going to need to learn to cope with a Hummer-less life, because the C-Series won’t be gracing U.S. shores. You see, GM is still producing the military-spec version of the Humvee, meaning that the C-Series doesn’t pass the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufactures Act.

At least it’s still made in Detroit.

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