The first American Civic Type R is raising an astronomical amount for charity

Never let it be said that there aren't good people out there in the world, and, thankfully, some of them have way too much money on their hands. But we'll let that slide because it seems that a few of those folks are actually putting their money down for excellent causes.

If you had to come up with a universally loved charity that everyone should feel passionately about, America's Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation would likely be at the top of your list. It's a charity that helps young patients and their families cope and find treatment for brain tumors. Honda also feels strongly about helping kids conquer cancer, and since corporations are people in the U.S., we'll give Honda a metaphorical high-five for siding with the rest of humanity and saying, "cancer blows."

To help America's Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Honda has donated the very first American Civic Type R, and the site Bring-a-Trailer is auctioning it off, and the current bid for that car is, wait for it, $200,000. That is incredible!

It's no doubt that the Type R is a great car. It has a 302bhp 2.0 liter turbocharged motor. It surely hugs the road and zips around corners with a youthful zest for life, but it's certainly not a $200,000 car. So, to whoever put down $200,000 on this new Honda, thank you. You're showing that there are still people capable of great acts of kindness in the world.

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