The Fate of the Furious isn’t even trying to be believable anymore Universal Pictures UK/Youtube

The Fast and Furious franchise has not been what you would call subtle lately. The more trailers we see for the 8th installment, “The Fate of the Furious” aims to make the rest look downright realistic. That is the danger when a franchise surpasses the three or four movie mark, at a certain point all you can do is get more and more insane stunts. The highlight of this trailer is Charlize Theron being the embodiment of an automotive Luddite’s fears. She can apparently hack hundreds of cars simultaneously and mold them into a wave of destruction.

While, so far, there have been no reports of cars being hacked remotely without direct access to the car’s obd2 port, it is technically possible to disable or tweak some controls in modern cars. Where Fast 8 strays even further from reality (Why are we even surprised at this point?) is that older cars are seen in the hoards of hacked cars like this van:

These older cars have little to no electronic controls to hack, especially steering and braking, so how Theron is able to get these cars to comply with her plan alongside the nearly autonomous modern vehicles is extra unbelievable. Maybe they just gave into peer pressure? If all the other cars drove off a bridge…

Not sure Chrysler will be too enthused about their logo being so closely associated with, “hack-able car that can be made to jump out of a building to it’s own death,” but maybe they subscribe to the notion that no publicity is bad publicity.

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