The "Chemist of Cars" explains why that new car smell can be bad for you


If you've ever bought a new car you know of the famous "New car smell."  It's a smell some people like so much they even buy air fresheners that attempt to duplicate it long after it has faded away. That wonderful aroma of new plastic, carpet, leather and vinyl only lasts a few months and, much like the value of your new car, is gone before you know it.

The fact that it's a smell that disappears should make you wonder, what exactly is this aroma made of?After all, everything we smell is just raw material at a microscope level, meaning we are actually ingesting a tiny amount of that "smell."

In this video posted by The Fast Lane Cars ,we have Charlotte the "Chemist of cars" explaining exactly what we are smelling and it's not exactly good.


Check it out and remember one awesome piece of advice from the video. Roll your windows down in your new car, it may just lower the amount of crap you breathe in.

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