Terrible news announced for fans of NPR's "Car Talk"


It's looking like NPR's Russian correspondents, Pickup and Dropoff, and their customer care representative, Hey Wouldya Buzzoff, are going to be out of work in some cities around the U.S. Several local NPR stations are dropping the beloved "Car Talk" show.

It's hard to find someone who grew up in the '90s that doesn't have a memory of the show. For some, the love for the Click and Clack Brothers began with long car rides with dad. For others, it may have began in college, when a lot of us rediscovered NPR, and that, yeah, they have funny stuff too.

However you came across it, "Car Talk" entertained a lot of people and even taught a few about cars. Sadly one of the brothers, Tom Magliozzi, died in 2014, and there hasn't been a new episode since 2012. But NPR continued to repackage shows for podcasts and "best of" episodes.

Now, according to Road and Track, Southern California's KPCC and North Carolina's WUNC are dropping the show. Don't fear though, because episodes are still available of CarTalk.com.


And remember, don't drive like my brother.

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