Bullit Car Chase YouTube Screenshot

You’re not a true car guy unless you’ve seen the 1968 classic Bullitt.

Featuring the now-legendary Steve McQueen, Bullitt has one of the greatest car chase sequences of all time. If you don’t know what we’re talking about (but here’s hoping that you do), just check out this clip.

This is the car chase that made every big-time movie producer in need of a high-octane car chase scene stop by San Fransisco to use those endless hills for some truly breathtaking jumps.

We know it may look so easy here, but don’t try any of this in real life. The filming process for this scene was a lot more challenging that you might think. Fun fact: The filmmakers actually ruined more than one sports car during the process of filming this sweet chase.

But, judging from the end product, it was certainly worth it. At least we think it was. You’d really have to ask the producers.

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