A petition wants to make this vehicle the official American car

Shell oil is petitioning the government to take some decisive action on the harmful impacts of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions on the environment . . . um . . . no . . .  actually they are just asking for the pickup truck to be made the official truck of the U.S., so that's cool too, I guess.

The petition is on Whitehouse.org and needs at least 100,000 signatures to be up for review, and that needs to happen by the Nov. 2nd. The whole effort is being handled by Shell's Rotella branch. Brand Manager Megan Pino said,

"The campaign celebrates the achievements of hard-working Americans and highlights the pickup truck, which for almost a century, continues to support those who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to help build our country. The pickup truck exemplifies America's resilience and the work it takes to continue to build our communities and support our farms, both which deserve to be recognized."

Maybe Rotella will surprise us all and follow the petition effort with a new project for an alternative energy-fueled pickup.