Richard Hammond has checked and he is not dead


The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond has had some serious crashes before. Back in 2006, he had an accident involving a jet car going upwards of 280 mph that resulted in brain damage and a long road to recovery. This time, a scary incident in Africa, far from medical facilities, had us fearing the worst.

According to Grand Tour Nation, the accident left Hammond in the middle of the road unconscious but when Jeremy Clarks pressed about any time in the hospital for his friend and co-star, he jokingly(?) replied,

"We don't do hospitals."

Hammond himself posted to Drive Tribe to confirm that he did, in fact, have a motorcycle accident while filming in Mozambique. He also assured everyone that, after a thorough check, he found himself to be very much not dead.


A huge relief for everyone, as Hammond isn't just a hilarious car show host, but seems like a genuinely nice guy. He has reportedly already made a full recovery. Cheers to our British friend and, as always, keep the rubber side down.

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