How in the hell does a puppy get stuck in an engine????

Puppy dogs are cute, furry and love to snuggle up in warm places. For a puppy in Dobson, North Carolina that place was under the hood of a car.

According to, Robin Hass, went into a Walgreens for make up and came out to the sound of a puppy.

"There's no mistaking that little puppy whine," she said.

Robin is a local welding instructor and called one of her students over for help. Student Caleb Costner and Hass worked on getting the puppy out very carefully. They had to remove the battery and battery box, but were able to save the little pup just in the nick of time.

According to fox8 Caleb had this to say:

"You got the serpentine belt right there on the motor. It's tail, it's leg or anything could have gotten pulled into the belt."

Hass brought the grease covered puppy to class and another one of her students fell in love. Student Michelle Kirkman, plans to adopt the puppy and she's naming her Excaliber after the brand of welding rods they use. She plans on calling her Callie for short and the dog is on her way to the vet for a check up.