An apparent drunk person falls face-first into a Porshce -- and the car gets the worst of it

It's weird that more people don't realize this, but it's absolutely possible to get way too drunk. For instance, if you're having trouble walking, or your can't stop yourself from plummeting headfirst into a parked car, you're too drunk.

Myriam Joire sent this footage into Jalopnik, where she is friends with one of the writers, showing an apparent drunk person walking toward her Porsche Boxster before taking a tremendous tumble right into the rear of the car . He sits there for a moment before getting up, and trudging down the street. It's not wonder it took the guy a minute to catch his breath, the damage looks like it hurt.

Myriam said the car was already up for repairs when it was struck, but it's still got to be infuriating that someone would trash a car like this and then stumble away.