Police bring out the Humvees to battle a blizzard


The Suffolk County Police Department in Long Island doesn't take snowy weather lightly. With a blizzard bearing down, they pull out the big guns with their own private fleet of Humvees. In a Facebook statement the SCPD said, "The SCPD is equipped with 14 Humvees and 3 five-ton trucks designed for search and rescue in extreme conditions, such as blizzard conditions or flooding, which were provided at no cost through a partnership with the federal government. These powerful vehicles are used by officers to respond to emergency calls and aid motorists in severe circumstances where patrol cars require extra assistance, and to remove stranded vehicles from our roadways. In case of significant snowfall like the amounts we are expecting to see tomorrow, we will deploy the Humvees to all seven precincts and certain bureaus to ensure the fastest, most efficient response across the county." See them get to work in the video here.