Oscar Mayer has added an extreme delivery system to their WienerFleet



Oscar Mayer is serious about hot dogs. So much so, not only are they removing all added nitrates and nitrites, artificial preservatives and by-products, but they are also adding a freaking drone to their ever expanding Wienerfleet.

This drone is no weenie though, it can fly up to 1,200 feet for 15 minutes. If you used hotdogs to measure that distance it comes to about 2,400 dogs long! Better wear a helmet though, because a dog landing on your head from that altitude can really put the hurt on.

In their promotional video, we also get all the specs on the rest of the fleet and it's downright impressive with the original WienerMobile packing 330 horsepower out of a 6.0 V8 and carrying up to 27,000 Hot Dogs.  Wonder what it runs in the quarter?


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