This is probably your only chance to buy a brand new Mercury Marauder


People save the oddest things. Someone sold a stuffed ostrich at Christie's in London for $33,150, so, by comparison, an old couple keeping a mint condition 2003 Mercury Marauder in their garage for 14 years isn't that strange.

Just to start off, this car is in PERFECT condition. It still has the plastic covering the dash. It has to be one of the best preserved cars in the country for its age. The only "driving" it has done has been onto a flatbed and while it was on blocks, so the car looks like it could have just rolled off the factory line.

Doug and Roberta bought the car from Crest Lincoln-Mercury in Sterling Heights, Michigan as an investment. They were counting on the car appreciating in value as the years ticked by, eventually becoming a beloved American classic; a goal it may very well achieve.

Unfortunately, due to some health issues, Doug is being forced to sell the car for a handsome $40,000. His only worry is that it will go to someone who doesn't share his appreciation for well-crafted and fast American-built sedans. So if you end up buying this car, don't hurt Doug. Keep the plastic on the seats.


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