How much would you pay for a Lamborghini cell phone?

Finally, a smartphone to go along with all those "cool" track jackets and athletic shoes being sold under the Lamborghini banner.

The Alpha-One is a solidly mediocre phone at an outrageous price. The Lamborghini-branded Android device is retailing for $2,450. To put that in perspective, the iPhone 8 is expected to launch at $999, and it'll undoubtedly be a better phone. It really shouldn't surprise you that the Alpha-One is expected to launch in the U.K., where it'll exclusively be sold in Harrod's, and in the UAE, where it'll probably be sold in Spinny's.

If you buy your phones based on brand name and looks alone, and you've got nearly $3,000 to burn on something that'll be obsolete in just a few years. Congratulations! You've got a new phone on your wishlist. But all other parties should probably seek something a bit more practical.

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