A father and son's bitter feud over a car has dad facing six felonies

Who owns the Camaro?

That's the question as a father and son battle it out in the courts -- and now dad has been charged with serious crimes.

Here's the backstory, based on court documents reviewed by Bakersfield.com.

Back in the mid-2000s, John Dovichi, a Bakersfield-area home builder, purchased a 1967 Camaro SS to work on with his son and restore it to mint condition. The elder Dovichi signed the title over to his son, Jonathan Dovichi, and the car was titled to the son in 2009.

The son claims he kept the car on his father's property, and that one day in 2015, he showed up and the Camaro was gone.

When his son asked what happened, his father told him -- according to the court documents -- "That's a big boy's game, I sold it."

Authorities are now alleging that John Dovichi forged his son's signature on the title and gave away a car that had been insured for $80,000.

The court documents also claim the elder Dovichi said, "Even if (the son) had the title it didn't belong to him because I bought it and put all the money into it."

The father and son were already embroiled in a civil lawsuit in which the son has been accused of "fraudulent actions involving the Camaro and various properties."

Now, the father has pleaded not guilty to six felony counts, including grand theft and forgery. Court proceedings are ongoing.

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