Matt Farah didn't know what he signed up for with this sketchy Camaro Z/28


"I don't have rear brakes."

"I'm sorry, could you come again . . ."

"I do have rear brakes, I do"


"So, they're physically on the car?"

"They're on the car . . . they're just leaking gear oil."

Matt Farah's attitude changed a little bit during the above exchange, and it alone makes the video worth a watch. It's not every day you get to see Farah seriously second guess getting in a car, but Adrian Cisneros's Camaro restoration project, from the YouTube channel Troll Garage, "felt like it wanted me dead."

The 1980 Camaro Z/28 is beautiful, and it's an amazing introduction for Adrian's journey into car culture, but, damn, it is sketchy. The Camaro takes old-car steering wheel play to the extreme! And it doesn't have great brakes.


Fortunately, this doesn't end with Farah starring in his own personal version of the end of a Grindhouse film.


After being eviscerated in the comments, the Camaro owner begs for mercy:


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