In My Feelings Challenge

Doing the "In My Feelings" Challenge in Dubai Could Land You in Big Trouble


If you've been on any social media platform at all in the past few weeks or so, then you're probably familiar with the "In My Feelings" challenge that has been getting people going from Atlanta to France. Based on the Billboard Hot 100 song from Drake's latest album Scorpion and popularized by online comedian Shiggy, the challenge urges participants to get out of a slowly moving car and dance along to the music while the car is still in motion.

When executed appropriately, it makes for a pretty amusing video. But, because of the safety risks associated with the "In My Feelings" challenge, authorities in Dubai definitely aren't amused by this viral dance challenge and are apparently taking steps to crack down on would-be dancers.

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Per Gulf News:

Lt Col Saeed Obaid Bin Eran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Umm Al Quwain Police, said that carrying out the dance can lead to a Dh2,000 fine [around $545 in U.S. dollars], 23 black points and the vehicle impounded for 60 days.

Emirati lawyer Yousuf Al Bahar told the Arabic online news website that residents imitating the dance moves can be charged according to Federal Law No.12 of 1995, in addition to Federal Penal Code No.3 of 1987 for endangering people's lives.

"The law gives police the power to arrest any person who drives their vehicle in a dangerous manner that can endanger the lives of the public," said Al Bahar.

The Drake-inspired dance craze may seem like all fun and games when a related video pops up on your Instagram feed, but as you can tell, it's got Dubai officials pretty damn upset. So, if you happen to be casually driving through Dubai (you know, as one does) and "In My Feelings" comes on the radio, resist the urge to get out and dance. Or, at the very least, put your car in park first.

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