For more than 50 years, Mattel has been bringing joy to kids all over the United States with its special brand of miniature model cars known as Hot Wheels. But, as it turns out, Hot Wheels are more than just tiny race car toys for children.

Adults can enjoy Hot Wheels, too. In fact, there are actually a decent amount of fully-grown Hot Wheels collectors out there who treat the plastic replicas with the same respect that some people treat actual muscle cars. When it comes to this community of Hot Wheels collectors, Bruce Pascal is pretty much an American legend.

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Pascal was seven when he got his first Hot Wheels toy, and now, his collection of more than 3,500 toy cars, many of them first editions, is worth more than $1 million. With one of the most valuable Hot Wheels collections of all time, Pascal believes he has more original, mint condition Hot Wheels model cars than even Mattel itself.

The guy has got 175 unique prototypes that were never sold to the public, not to mention that he’s also the proud owner of the world’s rarest Hot Wheels car, a custom Volkswagen Beach Bomb with a bright pink paint job that’s appraised at $150,000. Wow. Can you imagine a tiny toy care being worth that much? You could buy a house with that little thing.

Now, if he ever decided to sell his collection on eBay, Pascal could definitely rake in some serious cash. But, considering that he has plans to open a museum dedicated to his massive Hot Wheels collection, we think he’ll be hanging onto his prized possessions for quite some time.


3 Hot Wheels Vehicle Packs That Won’t Break the Bank

You may not be close to having a $1 million vintage Hot Wheels car collection. Hell, maybe you’re not even a collector at all. Either way, there are plenty of Hot Wheels vehicle packs out there that are perfect for everyone from the hardcore collector to the parent who just wants to get their kid something cool for Christmas.

Check them out!

1. Hot Wheels Amazon 50th Anniversary Vehicles, 10 Pack

Hot Wheels Amazon 50th Anniversary Vehicles, 10 Pack
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This Amazon exclusive celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with these 10 cars that look great either on the race track or on the shelf. Plus, costing only $13, it’s a solid under-the-tree type gift for a stocking stuffer price.

The pack is packed with a number of sweet cars, and if you look closely at the box, you’ll notice that it even comes with a Tesla. I didn’t know they even made Tesla Hot Wheels, but hey, I guess Elon Musk must be trying to diversify into the toy car business.

2. Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites
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With oversized tires and chrome-colored rims, the monster trucks in this Hot Wheels pack are perfect for dishing out some serious off-road damage in the living room. The trucks also come with such special features as “edge glow” roll cages, chrome-look wheels, and convincing mud deco.


For $20, your kids will get to recreate their favorite Monster Jam moments, and, if you’re lucky, they may even let you in on the action.

3. Hot Wheels Jurassic World Character Cars, 5 Pack

Hot Wheels Jurassic World Character Cars, 5 Pack
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They’re dinosaurs. They’re cars. They’re dinosaur cars. Need I say more?


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