It’s too bad that this retro ad for the “Honda Pastport” was just all just an elaborate April Fools’ Day joke, because the ’90s kid in me was kind of hoping that Honda would actually fully go the throwback route, no matter how ridiculous.

Voiced by Fred Savage (who you probably remember from his roles in The Princess Bride and The Wonder Years), the faux commercial lays out a minimalist, extremely ’90s version of the Honda Passport, complete with a coin holder, beeper mount, a “navigation system” (aka just a map. Remember those?), and air conditioning.

Per Honda:

Honda presents, the ’90s-themed trim for the all-new Passport. The Pastport. The authentic look of the new Passport on the outside, yet simplified with everything you love about the ’90s on the inside. A trim exclusively built for those who are looking for that next step of self-expression and uniqueness.

*Slap bracelets not included.

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As far as April Fools’ pranks go, Honda kind of went all out for this one by not only making the above ad, but also coming up with a press release to go along with it.

“Callers are encouraged to leave a detailed message on the Company’s microcassette answering machine explaining why they’d like to own a Pastport,” Honda says in the press release, with the not-at-all-made-up Zack Tanner, the alleged historical innovations manager for Honda, adding:


“From TV reboots to fashion, the ’90s are making a huge comeback, and we saw an opportunity at Honda for consumers who want uniqueness and simplicity, so we decided to reach back and bring the Pastport to market this spring. We think the new Pastport is all that and a bag of chips.”


What a prank!

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