Highly anticipated Mercedes pickup may be taking a trip to the US


Last fall Mercedes made headlines with the world premiere of its new X-Class pickup, but sadly this ride was only to be enjoyed on the far side of the pond, until now. "In the past year the mid-sized truck market has come back a bit. General Motors is launching a mid-sized truck. We are watching developments very closely, and we will make a decision at the appropriate time," said Mercedes-Benz Van division executive Volker Mornhinweg in an interview with Reuters about rumors for state-side manufacturing of the X-Class pickup. The trucks would need to be manufactured in the US to avoid a hefty 25% import tax that would likely undercut sales. Featuring a simple V-6 engine under the hood, the X-Class pickup is rated to carry over 2,400 lbs and tow more than 7,700 lbs.