Here are the 5 cars that are impossible to find unmolested


Only the most savvy and dedicated web hunters will be able to find any of the five vehicles listed in this video in stock condition. Whether you're looking for a Mitsubishi Evo, or a Mazda Miata, chances are you'll have come across the potential car of your longing ruined by overambitious rice-enthusiasts.

The fact is, many of the cars in the above video, like the 1999 Honda Civic Type-R, have found their downfall, thanks in large part to their easy-to-mod attitude. Body kits and unnecessary lowering jobs have left too many potentially awesome cars unwanted and in need of a good shunning. Shun the ricers, shun. Cue the Game of Thrones shame nun.

At the end of the day, find one of these cars stock and you should probably buy it quick, before someone ruins it.


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