A funeral procession got so out of control the police had to start making arrests

Sometimes, people have weird wishes to honor their dearly departed in the afterlife. For instance, some Canadians in Nova Scotia apparently thought, "Well, if you can drive slow for a funeral, why shouldn't you be able to also break all the street laws?" It's only an assumption, because, well, who the hell knows what any Canuck is thinking, they are notoriously impervious to mind control. And because a funeral procession for Christopher McCulloch did exactly that according to CBCNews.

The funeral wound its way down the streets of Enfield, ensconcing the town in smoke and the fine scent of rubber. Police attempted to point out to the mourners that their display was illegal, but they were ignored, so the arrests began flying. In the police's defense, they had some fairly good reasons. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Dwayne Kelly said,

"I think it's important to point out that there was a daycare, a group of children, who were walking along at the time when this happened and we did speak with people from that daycare and they were fearful for the sake of the children because of the noise, because of the smoke and the potential of flying debris striking one of the children."

Moral of the story: People will feel bad when your buddy dies, just save all your burnout-directed grief for a drag strip.

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