The cops converged real quick to stop the driver of this Ford F-450

Add the Ford F-450 to your drift car fantasy list. This isn't a fever dream; it looks like all you need to bring out your truck's inner-Supra is a slight drizzle and an empty lot.

Oh, and zero cops. You'll quickly discover that your level of fun is directly related to the number of boys in blue in the immediate vicinity.

The massive truck above belongs to Marc Sherrin, your typical Texan who loves his "family, racing cars, eating BBQ, smoking cigars, and time with friends." Sounds like a pretty stand up guy.

Sherrin normally uses the dually to tow race cars, but a summer shower was all it took to convince him to drop off the trailer and test the truck's chops. Aside from a "stern talking to" from the police, the whole scenario turned out remarkably well.

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