This classic 1982 Hahn HCP-10 Fire Engine is every kid's dream


There's one vehicle on the road that's universally accepted and respected by just about everyone. It's big, heavy and its most popular paint color is named after the truck itself. Of course we are talking about a Fire Truck, the most beloved vehicle of children everywhere.

In this video posted by RegularCars, we get a look at a classic fire engine made by a company named Hahn. This particular engine is a 1982 HCP-10, and it's owned privately and driven legally on public roads just like any other passenger vehicle.

What powers this fire engine is a very unique 2 stroke diesel. It features 4 exhaust valves and its max rpm is governed to only 2400 rpm. Mr. Regular describes riding in this thing as just, "loud." The engine is essentially maxed out at all times, and 2 of the firemen sit outside of the cabin right next to the engine. Although modern day fire trucks and engines have luxurious features like air conditioning and air bags, but these old classics were about as raw as you could get.


Just about all of these older fire trucks have been retired by now, but in Chicago they still use trucks from the late 1980's as backups in case a front line rig goes down. Needless to say, firemen will do just about anything to avoid getting stuck in a fire truck loaner when theirs is broken.

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