Eight things non-enthusiasts just don't understand



Non-gear heads have some pretty interesting opinions on car culture. They have a habit of being the walking embodiment of George Costanza saying, "Oh yeah, well, you need a new johnson rod."

But the truth is, as everyone knows, they just don't get it. It's nice to feel a car come to life in the morning and shake just a bit as it wakes up. And car culture is huge; it provides an infinite amount of conversational outlets. It's a super interesting hobby. Of course, every Cars and Coffee has a couple guys (or gals) who just want to talk for three hours about some obscure tweak they made to their car, but the majority of petrol heads just want to admire other people's cars and experiences as much as they'd like their own to be appreciated.


Not to mention, it's great when people become passionate about something, and if you judge them for having a hobby, well, you're a jerk, and we probably know a good mechanic who could help you get a brand new johnson rod for cheap.

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