Jett the drifting dog loves the smell of burnt rubber

Dog owners can be a little, well, crazy. Some carry more insurance on their little pups then they do on their own kids. They take them to salons, feed them organic food and the worst offenders dress them up like humans and carry them around in little purses.

This dog owner, on the other hand, just wants his best friend with him as he destroys tires sliding around a track in his 1990 JDM Toyota Mark II JZX81, or Cressida if you're not a Toyota guru. Chris K and his dog Jett enjoy this hobby together thanks to what looks like a normal racing harness with some additional padding for the seat.

In the video posted by the YouTube channel, ENS AUTO we see what man, machine and dog do best. Jett looks perfectly in place as he wears a huge doggie smile on his face and sits upright like a human would. He even looks back at Chris a few times with a look like, "dude that's all you got?"

For more on this adorable canine check out the Instagram page @jett_the_drift_dog.

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